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Hogwarts is Home.
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Looking for a sorting community that's welcoming, fun, and doesn't turn you into a squib because you have qualities from all four houses? Look no further than hogwartsishome, the best little sorting community on the internet.

When you get sorted at hogwartsishome, you gain a common room full of like-minded people and a community full of potential friends. You can earn points for your house, knuts to buy school supplies (and other treats) such as books, cauldrons, a wand, and even brooms and pets. You can become an Animagus, get stamped as a character, enter into spirited debates, visit Hogsmeade, play on your house quidditch team, become a healer, or even run your own club. There are myriad ways to earn points and have fun at Hogwarts is Home, and there's always something fun going on, whether it's a casual chat or an all-out party.

Intrigued? Then head on over to platform_934 today to fill out a sorting application. Tell us as much as you can, and we'll put you in the house that best represents you.

Hogwarts is Home: Where you belong.

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And if you do submit an application, please remember to say that ladyminya sent you. :) ♥